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Rated excellent by pet owners

Tailored Pet Beds for Ultimate Comfort and Health

A properly equipped rest area will create a special cosiness and allow your pet to feel safe and comfortable

What our buddies are barking about


"Very comfortable that bed comes with side pillows. Togo loves to rest his head on them. The grey colour makes bright hair invisible. It is quite heavy, which prevents bed from sliding around."

Laura M.


„I got this bed so that Naira would have a more comfortable sleep. Previously, Naira used to climb on the sofa and sleep there. Now, I notice that she prefers this new dog bed over the sofa. Very impressive.”

Mindaugas Š.


„I choose products very carefully and responsibly, always looking at the quality of the product. This bed, just by touching it, feels very durable and of the highest quality materials.”

Lygaudas R.

Why do people choose us for their pets?

Designed in Lithuania

Dog beds created together with animal lovers in Lithuania

Happy Pet

The beds will ensure that your pet is happier and healthier, both physically and emotionally.


We use recycled materials for products and packaging whenever possible

Socially responsible

We adhere to the values of honesty, trust, and respect with our customers, employees, and partners

Exceptional dog beds which have no equal

Created for pet well-being

Easy Care

Unquestionable quality

Durable and long-lasting

Focus on aesthetics

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About Us

Since childhood, we've loved dogs and spent a lot of time with our pets, so it's probably not surprising that we pay special attention to providing ultimate care for them and ensuring their well-being. Over time, we encountered a challenge in finding high-quality beds that would be comfortable and cosy for our beloved friends, easy to maintain, and made from durable, high-quality materials. It proved to be quite difficult to find products on the market that meet our quality standards!


"A really good bed, excellent measurements for the American Staffordshire Terrier, plenty of room to curl up! Due to its colour, dirt is almost invisible, and it's very easy to wash. Side pillows and mattress can be removed by unzipping two zippers."

Kotryna K.

"Buba embraced this bed right away. The mattress strikes a perfect balance between softness and firmness, making you want to occasionally settle down on it yourself."

Julia B.

"The bed not only complements our interior beautifully but also matches our dog perfectly."


"Our Jerry just melts into this bed. It's so soft that even our little child joins Jerry to lie down."

Jurgita C.

"Very thick base of bed. Sheila sleeps as if on a fluffy cloud. The plushness of the fabric adds to the experience..."

Milda Š.

"Our Kukulis sleeps like a lion now."

Rolandas Š.