About Us

Since childhood, we've loved dogs and spent a lot of time with our pets, so it's probably not surprising that we pay special attention to providing ultimate care for them and ensuring their well-being. Over time, we encountered a challenge in finding high-quality beds that would be comfortable and cosy for our beloved friends, easy to maintain, and made from durable, high-quality materials. It proved to be quite difficult to find products on the market that meet our quality standards!

One day, we realized that being unable to find the right product, we could create it ourselves, thus filling this niche and offering a high-quality product focused on pet well-being. This is how O.buddy brand was born, catering to everyone looking for high-quality, stylish, easy-to-maintain, and durable products for their playful family members. šeimos nariams.

At present, our assortment consists of high-quality orthopedic dog beds, providing comprehensive comfort and preventive benefits for the health of the pets. We also offer cosy and playful donut-shaped beds, resembling a safe haven for a small (or feeling-small) puppy.

We perfected each product until we were confident that the quality fully met our expectations and pleased our own pets. Now, we want to share our uniquely crafted products with everyone who wishes to provide their loyal friends with the very best.

Elinga and Marius